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Free your Soul its a Mambo thing!
Latin Dance Series

Video One Beginners Workshop Level One

If you've wanted to learn Salsa,  now is the time to do it!
This video is a great way to have fun while learning
Salsa New York Style.  Just follow our Step by Step instruction
and you'll be dancing Salsa and Mambo in no time.

For the past 25 years Angel Rodriguez,  founder of Razz M' Tazz Dance Company
has combined and mastered the best of the Palladium Era Mambo,
Modern day Salsa and American Jazz while keeping the flavor of Afro-Cuban Rhythms.

In this Level we'll teach you a series of basic steps in both
Free-style and Partnering to get you started
You'll also learn about timing and body movement which are part
of the basic concepts of Clave theory.

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"A simple and effective, alternative method to attending the workshop.
These tapes allow me to brush up my basics without attending class..."

Jose Roman
Department of Energy Washington