Razz M Tazz Video Three

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Free your Soul its a Mambo thing!
Latin Dance Series

Video Three


In this video Addie Rodriguez will demonstrate creative movements
and break down the steps to show you how to dance with style.
She will provide a simple step by step guide that will
teach you dance with sexy fiery moves.

Addie Rodriguez (Mrs. Razz M' Tazz) will heat things up and
add flavor to your dance by showing you her unique style
that combines the best of the Palladium Era Mambo and Modern
day Salsa with American Jazz while keeping the flavor of Afro-Cuban Rhythms.

Addie has traveled around the world to such places as South American,
Italy and Puerto Rico teaching Performing and setting dance floors on
fire with her dynamic style of Salsa. She also teaches
in the Tri-state including "Latin Quarters" a well-known NYC Dance Club.
If you need style, Addie has it!
"Free your Soulů It's a Mambo Thing"!!!

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A recently received email

Hi Angel and Addie,
My name is Norma and I ordered a tape volume 3 which I recieved
today Tuesday. I am very satisfied with it. I think I'm going to
learn the styles movement that I want to know. Thank You so much.
If there's a volume 4 with more steps please let me know. I really
enjoy the tape. Que viva La Salsa!!!

Norma Velez