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Free your Soul its a Mambo thing!
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Video Five Vol. 5: It's your time to shine!

RazzMTazz's guide to Freestyle Steps will get you to move your body and free your soul with true New York Salsa Style: over 30 steps, from traditional mambo jazz to the latest shines - all with simple breakdowns and front and back views for easier learning.

Whether you're brand new dancer or a mambo-salsa veteran; Whether you're dancing with your partner or shakin' it by yourself; this video will take your dancing to the next level. 60 Minutes.

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I'm from Los Angeles California. I love to dance salsa in New York every time I go visit my parents. I was always intrigued by the shine steps done by NY salsa dancers. Now I figured out where they learned all those steps. The video really broke down all the steps thoroughly and I love the freestyle routine at the end. I would love to have Razz M Tazz teach in LA. Que viva la Salsa

Carmen Diaz, LA California