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Video Seven Vol. 7: Sexy Moves

Want to spice up your partenering? Add fire to your freestyle? Addie Rodriguez - the Salsa Diva - is here to bring out the Diva in you. "Sexy Moves" will make your dancing more alluring, provocative, playful, glamourous, and captivating than it's ever been. In this step-by-step video the Salsa Diva makes learning simple - and fun. "Sexy Moves" combines Salsa, Jazz, Afro-Cuban, and those "Girl you look good" moves. Whatever your age, level of skill, size, or shape, "Sexy Moves", unlocks the beauty and power of dance in every woman. 60 Minutes.

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I bought Addie Rodriguez's Ladies Style tape and loved it. This tape builds from the ladies style tape. It has really sexy moves, I can't wait for the next one.
Mandy Cohen, Queens NY