The Razz M' Tazz Dance Company

is one of the most popular and internationally renowned of the latin dance companies performing today. Formed back in 1987 by Angel and Addie Rodriguez, RMT is a breath of fresh air to the traditional Latin style of dancing.  They successfully combine the best of Mambo/Salsa with American Jazz/Modern Dance choreography and the dynamic turn patterns of Hustle, all while keeping the flavor of Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Photo Gallery
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Many of the instructors and performers
who now work professionally in New York
and around the world have come through
Razz M' Tazz; names like
Nelson Flores (Descarga Latina),
Addie Diaz (Addie-Tude), Luis Zegarra
(Fuerza Latina), Glenda Heffer,
April Genovese de La Rosa
Carlos Figueroa....the list goes on and on. Still the innovators in latin dance choreography,
we are proud to introduce the
Razz M' Tazz Latin Dance Company.