The Love Boat of Salsa Workshops

Jose Cruz, one of the pillars of RMT, covers alot of ground dancing and yahoo-ing his way into salsa hearts. As the guiding light of the Wednesday workshop, I asked him why I should go to his workshop and what got him started on his mission of mercey:

First, "it's one big dance party". But most importantly, I enjoy helping people learn how to dance. My objective is to teach my students enough for them to go out and feel confident. I run the workshop like it's a big family. People feel comfortable and make new friends. Many go out together. That's also why I started the RMT Yahoo Club. I like to think of my workshops as sort of the love boat of salsa workshops.

Besides the in class instruction, we want to put you in an enviroment so you can get used to being "out there". I also have listened to request from students who wanted to go out and have instructors with them. As a result, we plan periodic club outings. We go out as a group and our students can dance with people they know. This is the real world version of the class that makes it practical.

Reliability is important and when we say we're doing something,classes or clubs, we do it. But whether we dance in class or the clubs, the objective is always to have fun and meet people through dancing. And that's what we always deliver.

Jose currenly teaches at:
Nolas Studio
Wednesday 6 - 9 PM.
He is also available for private lessons.
Contact him at or
RMT 917-385-0506