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How Long Does it Take

It’s human nature to want to learn something faster than you’re supposed. So naturally most students learning salsa won’t to know, how long will it take before they can look like the professionals. At some point or another during a students tenure at a dance school, they begin to question there instructors as too how long it took them to learn.

The trick to learning quickly is to BE PATIENT. Most students want to jump from the beginning level to the most advanced class after about a week. Meanwhile, they don’t know what a Suzy Q or Crossbody lead is supposed to look like. All dance schools have some form of “levels”. Every school has their beginner class, intermediate and advanced, and well as some in between classes or specialty classes.

The Razz M’ Tazz system is divided into 4 main categories: Beginner, Advanced Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Beginners: These are your baby steps. You learn your basic footwork, as well as the basic shines (like Suzy Q, Swivel step, Kick Outs, etc). You also learn the absolute necessities of partner work, like the right turn, left turn and crossbody lead. It usually takes 5 classes to really get a handle on the basic class.

Advance Beginners: Here you take your basic steps, and apply them to slightly more complicated shines. The shines begin adding different twists and spins to footwork, as well as body movement. You also will begin to feel your timing, as you build your repertoire of shines. Your partnering work will begin to show how to put combinations of basic turn theories together. Ladies should be able to pull off double turns, and feel comfortable being able to follow the guy.

Intermediate: By now your timing should be almost perfect. Your turn patterns should become sharp, the sequences and combinations should start to feel natural, and the lead should be stronger. Ladies should feel comfortable with the body movement, as well as their styling, and their spins should be almost flawless. Triple turns should be the goal of any intermediate female. Your shines will also begin to add footwork never seen before.

Advanced: This is where is it all comes together. By this stage, you should be ready to compete with the pros. Your turn patterns should be flawless, your technique should be developed, and your timing should be impeccable. Ladies should be able to pull off at least a triple turn, and your styling should make you a complete dancer. The shines you should know will be the most difficult, yet elegant moves you will see on the dance floor

The biggest mistake students make is jumping out of their level too early, and this is EXTREMELY common among guys. Most guys see the male instructors pulling off amazing turn patterns, and they want to imitate the same turn patterns. Unfortunately, their basics may still need some work, and they might not have mastered their lead yet. The worst thing a student can do is jump out of their level too early, because all the bad habits they didn’t work on in the basics will haunt them down the road.

So how long does it usually take? On average, most RMT students will look like their instructors in roughly 12-15 months, but that’s with dedication. The number of classes you take per week, and how often you go out dancing will be the deciding factor. By staying within your level, and learning the material you’re taught, you will become a complete dancer very quickly.

How long does it take to make the dance team? Each team member has a different story. Some members have taken as short as 5 months; some have taken as long as 2 years. But the one thing they all have in common is that at some point during their time at RMT, they decided they wanted to perform.

The RMT system teaches you how to dance with anyone in the world. The more you go out dancing, the more confidence you will build, and the quicker you’ll be able to dance the way you always dreamed. Remember, be patient and absorb everything your instructors give you. Everyone has a different learning curve, but the most important part of learning is to have fun and enjoy yourself.