The Advanced Class is 1-1/2 hours, taught by Master Instructor Angel Rodriguez. Angel, in his 25 years of experience, has taught hundreds of instructors and performers who now work professionally in New York and around the world:

Names like Nelson Flores descarga latina , Addie Diaz, Luis Zagarra, Glenda Heffer, Carlos Figueroa....The list goes on! The Advanced Class is taught completely to music, in the fast-paced, challenging style that propels students towards the instructor level -- and towards the spotlight on the dancefloor.

Angel begins by leading the class through the routine of shines from the previous, intermediate class -- and then adds on new, more advanced steps, one by one. Syncopations, style variations, combined steps -- he throws it all together. And when he reaches a step the class doesn't know, he stops to break it down. He leads the class through the step again and again, until they have it down pat. By the end, the class has several new steps, a complete routine, and new ways to add life and sexiness to their freestyle.

The second portion of the class consists of partner work. Mr. Razzmatazz takes apart and stitches together turn combinations with the skill and care of a master surgeon. He breaks each one down, reviews it a couple of times, and has everyone rotate to a new partner. This way students learn to adapt to the feel and energy of dancing with different partners. Students then execute the turn pattern to music. By the end of the class, students will be performing 2 or 3 turn patterns in succession -- complete with styling techniques to dress up their dancing and move it beyond the basics.

Angel's involvement with his class is unparallelled by instructors of any other school. From beginning to end, he gives acute, personalized instruction on style and technique, helping students to develop the power and personal flair that are the trademarks of RazzM'Tazz.