Razzmtazz Mambo/salsa Beginnersí Workshop

Been wanting to learn salsa but never followed through? NOW's the time to do it. Why wait???

Razzmtazz is the New York original --and the only place that will have you dancing (yes, really dancing) New York-style salsa after just one class. Best of all, YOU DONíT NEED TO BRING A PARTNER. Youíll find plenty of them here -- itís a fun, social environment, and students often end up going out in groups to dance together.

The three-hour beginner workshop provides enough material, understanding, and practice for anyone to hit the dance floor.

The workshop combines three levels running at once, all beginners at different stages. The class warms up as one large group with a high-energy review of basic steps, all done to music and the instructorís cues.

Then the group breaks up into separate sections, each with its own, specialized instructor:

LEVEL ONE: The new beginners learn timing, motion, and all 15 basic steps, in a style that only Razzmtazz teaches. Our method makes the basic body movement of mambo seem startlingly simple; anyone whoís tried to learn before but couldnít capture the look and feel will see an immediate difference here.

Once theyíve got the basics down, students put them into practice, learning actual turn patterns they can practice at home...or in the clubs!

LEVELS TWO AND ABOVE: Razzmtazz classes are progressive, so youíre always learning new material. Each time you come, your dancing gets markedly better.

Returning students build on their basics with more advanced steps. The instructors break down shines step by step, and tie them together in routines. Students practice the sequences over and over, learning to add their own style -- and developing the flow and flavor that gets Razzmtazz noticed on the dance floor.

During partnering, students pair up and rotate from partner to partner, learning turn patterns as well as ways to incorporate their freestyle. This is where you really start to shake it...

Since its opening in 1989, this Razzmtazz workshop has established itself as the one with no equal. Our system has turned out some of the most prestigious and successful dancers, instructors and performers around the world. And on top of all that, itís fun.

For the past 25 years performer and dance choreographer Angel Rodriguez the founder of Razzmtazz -- the new York Rican style of salsa -- has combined the Palladium era mambo with modern-day salsa and American jazz while keeping the flavor of afrocuban rhythm.

Come free your soul with Razzmtazz -- itís a mambo thing!