The Intermediate Class with Mr. RazzM'Tazz

This class is designed to get you on the dance floor! The class starts and finishes with music; you will be mamboing all the way home.

The intermediate classes will consist of a combination of choreographed steps and turn pattern combinations that you can use in all the clubs to dance with anyone.

It is a format different from the beginner workshop, where we break everything down step by step and then go aerobic.... You have reached the intermediate level!

Angel begins the class by drilling his students with freestyle steps to build a dynamic combination. Providing style tips along the way, he performs each and every move along with the class -- Angel leads by example!

Then comes partner work: Students circle Angel as he demonstrates each new turn pattern. After breaking down a pattern, two lines of men and women are formed. Everyone begins to practice the combination slowly in order to understand the sequence of steps. This is done with the music on low. Angel rotates the men from partner to partner so that everyone can get used to the feel of dancing with different people. As soon as everyone has a basic understanding of the pattern, Angel has the class practice it to the timing of the music. While this is happening, Angel goes in and out of the line to check (and improve) on everyone's form, and to make sure everyone leaves with the turn pattern.

With 25 years of dance experience and an active-as-ever schedule performing and teaching around the globe, Angel Rodriguez is widely considered the top in his field. In New York (and the rest of the world) there is only one Mr. Razzmtazz.