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Why join Razz M Tazz? Well that's easy.
Just ask our students. Take a brief look to
get a feel of what Razz M Tazz has to offer.

" The atmosphere of their workshops is unique!
Almost instantly you feel like you're in a room full of friends."
Natasha Brev

Our welcoming, hands-on learning environment
attracts more than 300 students a week to our
New York City location. Razz M'Tazz
believes in teaching students of all ages and levels,
in an open, friendly atmosphere that doesn't require
partners or pre-registration.

"Razzmatazz is not just a dance company… it's a whole experience!"
Henry Martinez

Our professional staff of instructors has expert
knowledge of the various techniques and styles
of Mambo/Salsa.

At Razz M' Tazz you can participate in group
classes or private one-on-one training.