This is a great way to learn the exciting choreography that has made Razz M' Tazz one of the premier latin dance companies in the world!

The RMT Social Performers began in 1998 when the "Salsa Diva" Addie Rodriguez initiated a team composed of the most promising students from the Razz M'Tazz School. New members of the Razz M'Tazz Dance Company were then handpicked by Angel & Addie from among that group. The Company emphasizes a balance of repertoire, technique and performance.

The Social Performer Workshop is 2 hours, taught by Master Instructor Angel Rodriguez. Angel, in his 25 years of experience, has taught hundreds of performers who now work professionally in New York and around the world. The class is taught in the fast-paced, challenging style that propels students towards the instructor level -- and towards the spotlight on the dancefloor

These workshops are attended by those interested in learning exciting latin dance choreography, performing with the company, and by dance company members who feel they need to re-learn certain routines. In these workshops, all of the original Razz M'Tazz routines are broken down in month-long cycles and taught with the goal of getting the student on-stage and performing.

The RMT Social Performance Company is the breeding ground for the next generation of the Razz M'Tazz Dance Company.

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